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May 30, 2022 View:

Chile's Vemma One releases 2018 vintage

Recently, Chile's renowned Malbec wine, Vemma I, released its 17th release, its 2018 vintage.

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Chilean Top Malbec

Although Viu Manent No. 1 was born in Chile, it is a wine made primarily from Malbec. People often think of Malbec as a representative variety of Argentine or French Cahors, but Viña Viu Manent has given Malbec a whole new light in Chile.

The history of Malbec cultivation in Chile is not short, it began in 1841 with the first planting of immigrants from Cahors, France. Throughout the years, the pioneer of Malbec cultivation in Chile has been the Viu Manent winery. In 1993, Viu Manent became the first Chilean winery to successfully launch a single-varietal Malbec wine, making its Malbec branded and marketable.

Based on the leaps and bounds that Viu Manent has made since its inception, the winery has been described by Robert Parker as a model of quality maintenance and a classic representative of the Cucamonga Valley.

Industry leaders give 2018 vintage high marks

Today, the quest for continuous improvement does not stop there, as Patricio Celedon, the chief winemaker at Viu Manent, has been in his position for more than 11 years, and has worked with Paul Hobbs, whom Forbes magazine has called the Steve Jobs of the wine industry, to study how to improve the quality.

Over the years, Patricio Celadon has developed a deep understanding of the terroir, the vines and every detail of the vineyards of Viu Manent. This practice of terroir has enhanced his experience and allowed him to convey the quality and authenticity of the Cangagua Valley through his winemaking.

Patricio Celerton"s knowledge base on the terroir of the Cucagua Valley and the in-depth study of Malbec by Paul Hobbs, the winemaker of Opus One and also a winemaking consultant at Viu Manent, are the main factors that make Viu Manent One a world class classic Malbec.

For his part, Patricio Celadon noted: I have been the head winemaker at Viu Manent for 11 years and I dare say that the 2018 vintage is the best I have tasted so far.

Paul Hobbs, on the other hand, after tasting the 2018 vintage of Vemma I, described it as the best Malbec I have ever tasted in Chile and one of the top Malbecs in the world.

Patricio Tapia, MW, author of the Chilean Wine Yearbook, gave this wine 97 points, rating it as the best Chilean Malbec with the best Cangagua Valley wine.

Chinese wine experts have also praised Viu Man I. Viu Man I was included in the Chilean Eighteen Lohan by wine critic Liu Hui. Speaking about the wine, Liu Hui said: "Viu Manent No. 1 has the style of a big wine, it is angular and has great personality, while being complex and deep with a long aftertaste.

Image courtesy of: Wine Business Watch

Beyond Malbec, a wide range of individual products with the same excellent quality

The following video shows the online tasting organized by the team of Viu Manent and Paul Hobbs in Napa Valley.

In this tasting, the main talk was about Viu Manent No. 1, but two other signature wines of Viu Manent, Viu Manent Variations and Viu Manent Endless Treasures, were also explained.

Vemma Variations is one of the best Carmenere wines from Chile, while Vemma Endless Rare is a new wine from Vemma, a wine based on Cabernet Sauvignon. Although these two wines were released in 2010 and 2016 respectively, their quality is in the same vein as Viu Manent I.

We invite you to taste these three great wines, which are true to the Chilean terroir.