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May 30, 2022 View:

Chile's Hacienda Blue Fantasy to achieve 100% organic farming methods

This is the first year of harvesting organic grapes at Blue Fantasy Estate in Chile, and this family-owned winery in Chile's San Antonio Valley has decided to go entirely organic for the 2019-2020 growing season.

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According to the winemaker Diego Rivera, the impact of this organic farming has been very clear with the changes in the fermentation and expression of the wines, noting that especially this year there was a slow fermentation that did not create problems, we have good power equipment and we can now say with confidence that we can live in harmony with the natural fermentation, which is one of the positive aspects of organic farming.

With 162 hectares of vineyards, the shift to organic viticulture was significant, following the requirements of a family and staff who wanted to avoid any synthetic chemical input and improve the quality of the grapes in the Blue Fantasy Estate. rivera says he was inspired by the results of long-time Chilean organic grape producers, and most importantly the newly formed San Antonio Valley Association (of the 8 wineries Three members have already implemented organic and biodynamic viticultural practices: Matetic, Hacienda San Juan, Casas de Bucalemu).

Rivera hopes to achieve organic certification status for his wine products within two years.

In his conclusion, he also pointed out the market potential of organic grapes, saying:We believe that there is a great potential for market development for cool climate wines produced with organic farming methods.