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May 30, 2022 View:

Chardy, a brand of the Goodrich Wine Group, launches the new Chardy 1853 range

Chardy, the core brand of the world's leading New World wine group, is celebrating the birth of the Chardy brand by launching the Chardy 1853 collection in the New Year 2021, named after its birth year - 1853.

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The series is sourced from excellent Australian vineyards and covers two classic grape varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, and brings together the high level of Chardy winemaking techniques. With the launch of the Chardy 1853 series, Yuga Wine Group will further deploy the digital upgrade in the Chinese market, deepen the strategic layout of omnichannel, and develop new development in the wine industry.

Respect the source of the brand, inherit the quality of the brand

Chardy quality began in 1853 with the first vine planted by founder Thomas Chardy. It has been passed down through the generations and has won more than 9,000 international awards, fulfilling Thomas Chardy"s vision of making wines that the world can appreciate. Chardy pays tribute to the birth of the brand with the launch of the 1853 Collection, which brings together the essence of more than 100 years of winemaking. The collection selects grapes from the Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale, as well as Coonawarra and Frank River, the famous regions of Oceania, and blends ancient winemaking methods with innovative techniques to create a richly flavored wine that successfully demonstrates the winemaker's passion for blending different regional grape varieties and his mastery of winemaking techniques.

The Chardy 1853 series was recognized and recommended by the Master of Wine for its excellent taste and high cost performance, as Master of Wine Zhao Fengyi said: Chardy 1853 Shiraz has very smooth tannins, round and full-bodied taste, which is excellent in the same type of wine. At the same time, Master of Wine Jane Zhu also gave positive comments: Chardy 1853 Cabernet Sauvignon can be felt in the mouth with structured tannins, thick texture and full-bodied flavor. This series of wines surpasses expectations and is a worthy choice among many other wines in its category.

Selecting the Chardy 1853 series to meet the needs of quality life

Since 2018, the Group has been focusing on the Asian region, especially China, introducing a wide range of high-quality, cost-effective products to connect with local wine lovers. As Peter Dixon, Managing Director of Asia, said: "The highly regarded and popular Chardy 1853 range is in line with the Asian market's preference for classic grape varieties and is a perfect match for local cuisine. We hope that this will satisfy the consumers' pursuit of quality life and bring more vitality to the development of the wine industry in China and Asia.

With its sweet fruitiness and moderate acidity, the Chardy 1853 series is especially suitable for Chinese dishes with strong flavors and can balance meat dishes properly, making it a worthy choice for family dinners. The red and gold color scheme and the 1853 pattern totem combine the understanding of Chinese aesthetics, making it extremely noble and festive; the gold foil design highlights the elegant visual effect and makes it a great gift for friends and family!

Strong landing in China market, comprehensive strengthening of digital transformation

The Chardy 1853 series of new products debuted online at YUKA Wine's Jingdong flagship store, and will continue to be available in major supermarkets, boutique restaurants and other offline channels, bringing more convenient and diversified choices to Chinese consumers. The digital transformation has been an important part of the Group's omni-channel development since 2019, when the Group officially entered the Jingdong platform. In the future, Yuga Group will further cultivate the Chinese market and strengthen its all-round business expansion while making efforts in multiple dimensions from social matrix, e-commerce platform and live streaming platform to provide Chinese consumers with diversified and high-quality consumption experience, while opening up new development for the wine industry.

In a year full of uncertainties, Hardy, the core brand of Yucca, insists on the core concept of "No change, no change" and welcomes all the moments together with wine lovers with consistent quality. In addition to Jingdong, the Hardys 1853 series will also be available on Tmall, Suning and other online retail channels. If you want to explore the wine culture and rich product range, please pay attention to [Yuga Wine Group] and [Hardys] WeChat public number.