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May 30, 2022 View:

Changyu named in Top 10 list of world's best-selling wine brands

Recently, Drinks Business, a professional media for the UK wine trade, released the Top 10 list of the world's best-selling wine brands, with Changyu ranking fourth with an annual sales volume of 10.7 million cases in 2019, which is the fourth consecutive time Changyu has been included in the list since 2017.

Image from: China News Network

The brand profile for the Top 10 list of the world"s best-selling wine brands says: Over the past 10 years, Zhang Yu has built several European-style wineries across China, including its crown jewel, Ningxia Zhang Yu Mosel XV, a €70 million winery that is partnered with and named after the Mosel family. Currently, Zhang Yu owns eight wineries in six wine regions in China, including Ningxia Zhang Yu Mosel XV, which is in the process of transitioning to biodynamic viticulture and aims to be certified by 2022. Zhang Yu's main export markets are the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Finland.

It is understood that Zhang Yu currently owns eight wineries in China, namely Yantai Zhang Yu Castell Winery, Liaoning Zhang Yu Golden Ice Valley Ice Wine Winery, Beijing Zhang Yu Chateau Eiffel, Ningxia Zhang Yu Chateau Mosel XV, Xinjiang Zhang Yu Baron Babao Winery, Shaanxi Zhang Yu Chateau Renaissance Winery, Yantai Zhang Yu Dinglot Winery and Yantai Zhang Yu Koya Brandy Winery. In addition, through a series of mergers and acquisitions in recent years, Zhang Yu has owned six wineries overseas, including Kilikanoon Estate (Australia), VinaIndomita (Chile), Marques del Atrio (Spain), Roullet-Fransac (France), and Honeymoon (Bordeaux) (France). ), ChateauMirefleurs and Chateau Liversan in Bordeaux, France.

On the Top 10 list of the world's best-selling wine brands, the brands ahead of Zhang Yu in terms of annual sales in 2019 are Barefoot (22.5 million cases), Gallo (15 million cases) and Yellow Tail (11.5 million cases); the brands behind Zhang Yu are Robert Mondavi (10.5 million cases), Sutter Home (10.2 million cases), Hardys (8.9 million cases), etc. Drinks Business magazine commented that only time will tell the true impact of the New Crown pneumonia outbreak on the wine trade, but that these brands will eventually be the leaders in the mainstream market.

Founded in 2001, Drinks Business is a London-based publication that focuses on market developments and trends in the global wine, spirits and beer industries. Drinks Business also runs influential competitions such as the Winemaker of the Year Awards (in partnership with the Institute of Masters of Wine IMW), the Wine List's confidential Best of British Wine List Awards and the Blind Tasting of the world's best-selling wine brands.