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May 30, 2022 View:

Champagne region adopts new measures to cope with harvesting in the face of coronavirus crisis

Champagne, which symbolizes joy, socialization and celebration, is experiencing a historic decline in shipments in the face of the global economic crisis triggered by the Covid-19 New Crown epidemic.

Image courtesy of: ComiteChampagne

On August 18, 2020, Champagne farmers and winery representatives gathered in Epernay to reach a resolution for a harvest of 8,000 kg/ha (equivalent to 230 million bottles of Champagne) in 2020.

Considering the pressure of the current uncertainty on the whole industry, the Champagne people have adjusted the payment for this year"s harvest and the bottling method accordingly, taking into account the current market performance and potential.

This decision also demonstrates the great adaptability of the Champagne Industry Council, which has been able to ensure that the farmers who sell their grapes maintain a certain level of income, while allowing the wineries that buy the grapes to meet the needs of the market and maintain a stable cash flow.

This year's harvest began on August 17, two weeks earlier than the average of the past ten years, with excellent quality grapes but a slight decrease in yields due to the drought. With 100% manual harvesting in Champagne, the harvest will involve around 100,000 seasonal workers throughout the season, and it will be a challenge to complete the harvest successfully despite the current public health crisis.

Despite the lack of response from the European and French authorities to the crisis facing the Champagne region, the industry will remain true to its commitment to the protection of the appellation of origin and to environmental protection.