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May 30, 2022 View:

Champagne appellation of origin recognized and protected by Paraguay

In a resolution dated October 29, 2020, the National Institute of Intellectual Property of Paraguay officially registered the Appellation of Origin of Champagne. From the date of registration, the Appellation of Origin of Champagne will be recognized and protected throughout the territory of Paraguay in order to prevent any form of misuse of the name Champagne and other derived terms, among others.

Image courtesy of: ComiteChampagne

Paraguay now joins the 122 countries and territories that have protected the appellation of origin of Champagne, including most of Latin America, as well as China and India.

For Vincent PERRIN Pevinson, President of the Champagne Commission, this result is very important because this resolution was initiated in 2012, but was suspended between 2015 and 2019 pending the issuance of the Paraguayan government decree applicable to geographical indications. With this definitive and final protection resolution, the Champagne Commission has once again proven its ability to successfully pioneer the legal protection of geographical indications.

The resolution is also a historic step for the Champagne Committee, which protects the appellation of origin day in and day out throughout the world. President Peverson said: "Our next task will be to protect the appellation of origin of Champagne in Argentina, the United States and Russia, where there are many infringements.

It is important to note that appellations of origin are special intellectual property rights, meaning that a product comes from a delimited regional area and has special product characteristics given to it by the natural environment and producers in that area.

Although most countries in the world have a large number of appellations of origin, Champagne remains one of the oldest, most comprehensively protected and most prestigious.