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May 30, 2022 View:

Château Margaux sees its earliest ever harvest

The sun was shining early on August 24 and we decided to start picking Sauvignon Blanc grapes, probably the earliest harvest ever at Château Margaux!

Photo courtesy of: ChateauMargaux

The grapes ripened so early, partly due to a particularly hot spring this year, which led to an earlier flowering period of about 15 days. This was followed by a dry and hot summer, which ripened the grapes quickly, so we decided to pick them early to maintain the desired acidity.

Although it is too early to comment on the quality of the 2020 vintage, it appears to be a much more lush style of Margaux blanc than in previous years.

The year 2020 is very significant for Margaux White, as it also coincides with the 100th anniversary of the name change of Margaux White. One hundred years ago, the name of Margaux Blanche was Vin Blanc Sauvignon. It was named after the grape used to make the wine. However, in 1920, the owners changed the name to Margaux Blanc Sauvignon, which they continue to use today.

Margaux Blanquette was the first dry white wine produced in the Médoc. Young Baiting wines are amazing, with a finesse, complexity, fullness and length unmatched by the average 100% pure Sauvignon Blanc. Already irresistibly seductive, young Baiting wines age well and sometimes continue to develop well over thirty years of ageing, when they are even more aromatic, delicate and refined.