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May 30, 2022 View:

Château Leverburgh becomes the exclusive new media broadcaster for the Tour de France

After sponsoring 4 consecutive editions of the FEI Equestrian World Cup China League, Château Leverburgh is once again out of the loop to achieve cross-border cooperation with the sports world. Through a strategic partnership with China Sports, Château Leverburgh brings Chinese cycling fans an exclusive new media broadcast of the Tour de France, one of the world's top three sporting events.

Image from: China Wine News

The Tour de France of French public memory kicks off!

On August 29, 2020, the 107th Tour de France, which was postponed due to the New Crown epidemic, finally got underway. Although two months late, this grand sporting event, the most anticipated in the global cycling arena, still ignited the enthusiasm of cycling fans around the world.

In 2019, A.S.O., the parent company of the Tour de France, and, China Sports, have reached an exclusive new media rights cooperation in mainland China, bringing Chinese fans an exclusive new media broadcast of the entire 2020 Tour de France. As the exclusive wine sponsor of the live broadcast of the race, Château Lafayette, together with friends who follow the Tour de France, will cheer for the Tour de France cyclists throughout the race and witness a wonderful moment on the Tour de France track.

The Tour de France and wine connection

As two of France"s calling cards, cycling and wine have deep roots. Cycling and wine are two complementary and indispensable elements in the favorite lifestyle of the French people, and this is directly reflected in the Tour de France.

The Tour de France is also known as France's national tourist guide, and in this guide, it naturally involves another of France's calling cards, wine. The Tour de France is also, to some extent, a tour of France's wine regions. The Tour de France 2020 route, for example, passes through Southern France and the greater Bordeaux region, which are among the most famous wine regions in France. By enjoying the distinct but unique landscapes of the different regions, spectators will be able to appreciate why terroir has such a significant impact on French wine.

Image from: China Wine News

Château Leverburgh: singing the spirit of the Tour de France yellow jersey

The Tour de France is a sporting event that highlights the power and beauty of the riders" focused eyes, fit bodies, and speedy figures while riding, taking the French scenery behind them as a perfect set, and presenting a visual feast for the audience wherever the wheels pass. In the Tour de France, the riders with the best results wear the yellow jersey. Every rider who wears the yellow jersey has gone through long hours of hard training before they can stand on the podium and have their own moment of glory. The yellow jersey represents the spirit of the Tour de France of not being arrogant and not being impatient.

The spirit of the Tour de France, symbolized by the yellow jersey, coincides with the brand proposition of Château Leverkusen.

Château Lévaux is located in the heart of the Lalande Pomerol appellation on the right bank of Bordeaux, France, and has its origins in a vineyard established hundreds of years ago by a general named Viaud (Lévaux). The flagship wine of Château Lévaux is made from vines aged 55 years or older in the vineyard, and is crafted by the winemaking giant Michel Rolland for 15 years. 100% French oak barrels give it an elegant and refined taste, and it needs 5 years of bottling after bottling before it can be released.

Six hundred years of vineyard heritage, over 200 years of brand history, over 50 years of old vine brewing, 18 months of oak barrel aging, 5 years of bottling, and 15 years of Michel Rolland's artisanal efforts have made Château Levereaux shine brighter and brighter. Château Levereaux has won many international awards such as the Gold Medal of the Brussels International Wine Competition, the Gold Medal of the Paris Agricultural Competition, the Gold Medal of Bordeaux and other authoritative awards in the industry, and has received many high scores from world-renowned wine critics James Suckling 90+ and Robert Parker 90+. At the same time, Leverkus has been revealed as the official wine in many high-profile international events. As a witness of international events, Chateau Levereaux dry red wine has blossomed in important international events such as the 2014 APEC Summit, the 2018 ASEAN Conference, the 2019 Belt and Road Energy Ministers' Meeting, the 2018 China-Africa CEO High-Level Dialogue, the 2019 First China International Import Expo, and the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The strategic partnership between Château Lévaux and China Sports demonstrates the winery's recognition of the spirit of the Tour de France. In the field of wine, Château Lévaux is also like a yellow jersey runner, leading the value orientation of imported wines in China, committed to become the Chinese own famous château on the right bank of Bordeaux, and a benchmark of wine in Bordeaux, France and even the world.