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May 30, 2022 View:

Château Latour releases 2013 vintage and 2015 vintage

Recently, Chateau Latour released the 2013 Chateau Latour Grand Cru and the 2015 Chateau Latour Vice Grand Cru.

Photo courtesy of: Wine Detective Agency

The 2013 Château Latour Cuvee Full Label dry red is priced at €365 per bottle by the wine merchant, up 4.2% from €350 per bottle for the 2012 Full Label.

The 2015 Latour Vice Dry is priced at €160 per bottle by the wine merchant, up 14.2% compared to the 2014 vintage.

Latour used to belong to the same family as Lafite and Mouton Rothschild, during which time Latour was named a Bordeaux Grand Cru. When the Unilever Group bought the shares of the Harvest Group, it did so for a staggering price of nearly $200 million (£110 million at the time). The price per hectare was said to be 14 million francs, which translates into 1,800 francs per vine, making it the most expensive winery in the world.

In 1993, François Pinot, one of the three richest men in France and owner of luxury giant Kering, took the helm of Chateau Latour for 720 million francs. Pinot has donated the rat and rabbit heads of the Yuanmingyuan animal heads to China, and also donated 100 million euros to help rebuild Notre Dame in Paris after its disaster.