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May 30, 2022 View:

Château Lafite Launches Annual Calendar

Château Lafite has released an annual calendar to mark the 150th anniversary of the Rothschild family's acquisition of this historic estate.

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Covering all 150 vintages since 1868, this book documents the conditions and qualities of the wines, interspersed with photographs, images, facts, memories and anecdotes related to each wine.

Saskia de Rothschild, CEO of Château Lafite, said: "Together, they tell a lovely story of the estate and the Lafite family.

He said:This is a story that we have written with our predecessors over the years, and will continue to write with our successors in the future.

We wrote this book to tell the story behind the Rothschild family's ownership of Château Lafite and to share more stories about the life of this wine.

We hope that after reading this book, the reader will have a better understanding of how wine is grown, from the soil to the grapes to the bottle.

Early next year, Château Lafite will also release 300 limited edition calendars, including a calendar and a large bottle of wine from the 2018 vintage.

Château Lafite recently announced that the 2018 vintage will feature a hot air balloon on the label and the word cl150 will be engraved on each bottle.