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May 30, 2022 View:

Canadian citizen buys 24 bottles of wine for $0 due to wine store software system glitch

A Toronto, Canada consumer ordered 24 bottles of wine from a local wine store on social media, all of which were free because of a glitch in the wine store's software system, which originally cost $940 Canadian, or about $5003 in civilian currency.

Image courtesy of: Wine Business Watch

Toronto man Mohammed Asaduallah regularly checks social media apps for new wines and discounts at Canadian liquor store LCBO, according to local media reports.

Last month, Asadullah found a set of 6 bottles of Mondafi red wine online for $0. Although everyone was doubly puzzled, Asadullah thought: why not try ordering it and see what happens?

Asadullah told the media: I purchased 24 bottles of wine for $0. The original price of the batch was $940 CAD, and then I added a bottle of whiskey to qualify for the minimum purchase price. I didn"t find anything wrong with the whole process, and I felt puzzled as if it couldn't have happened.

When Asadullah received the order confirmation email and included the 24 bottles of wine, he said he was surprised and excited, but wasn't sure what would really happen.

Image courtesy of: Wine Business Watch

Last week, Asadullah went to the nearest LCBO to pick up this order of wine, anticipating that he might be turned away. When I informed myself of my visit, the attendant initially gave me only the whiskey, and I expected trouble, but the clerk then said there were 24 more bottles of wine and told me to wait a moment. He said that the whole time I tried to stay calm and tried not to show excessive excitement.

Asadullah left the wine store with his 24 cases of wine, but then he realized that the wines were not the ones he had ordered earlier at the original price of $12 CAD per bottle, but wines that were sold for $39.20 CAD per bottle. Therefore, he decided to go back to the wine store and ask if the store had made a mistake. Only when he got to the matter did the clerk realize that the wine he had ordered was $0, and called the manager.

When it happened, my mind seemed to be saying that I should not return to the store. Afterwards, the clerk informed him that it was a problem with the ordering system, but that he could still take the wine he had already picked up. However, Asadou then spoke with the manager and an e-commerce representative and eventually took away the wine he had ordered earlier.

A spokesperson for the LCBO confirmed that the wines were not priced due to a glitch in their website, but that the glitch has been cleared up since then. Although Mr. Asadullah had some inaccurate accounts, we take full responsibility for the error and have ensured that the problem will not happen again.

As for Asadullah, he gave away three of the bottles and said: I went home and immediately opened a bottle of wine to celebrate.