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May 30, 2022 View:

Camping-style tours to explore wineries on the rise again

During the New Crown epidemic, camping, a more retro form of tourism, returned to the public eye.

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The Association of Travel Trailer and Camping Trailer Manufacturers (Apc, Associazione Produttori Caravan e Camper) revealed to the media today that more than one million camping tourists (one third of them foreigners) have chosen to travel to Italy this year for camping-style tourism.

Camping-style tours are free and unrestricted, perfect for wine lovers to explore wineries and cellars. This year, since the beginning of summer, the Italian authorities have launched the Donne del Vino Camper Friendly program of winery camping tours to create eco-friendly camping travel plans tailored to wine lovers. The program continues after the start of the grape harvest with the participation of 57 camper friendly wineries that welcome wine lovers and visitors with tastings, picnics and hikes in their vineyards.