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May 30, 2022 View:

British wine merchant Berkmann Wine Cellars becomes UK distributor for Jacquessen Champagne

British wine merchant Berkmann Wine Cellars has announced that it has become the distributor of Jacquessen Champagne in the UK market.

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The group will assume the distribution rights of the Jacquessen Champagne brand with immediate effect, in addition to launching the new Cuvee 743 Champagne (which is based on the 2015 vintage), Cuvee 738 Champagne (which is based on the 2010 vintage) and three single-vineyard Champagnes from the 2009 vintage.

Alex Hunt, Director of Sourcing at Berkmann Wine Cellars, comments:Having worked with Jacquessen Champagne when they launched their revolutionary label champagne in 2003, I have experienced first-hand their extraordinary dedication and attention to detail in the winemaking process itself and the underlying ideas that guide it.

After 15 years of fine-tuning, the addition of Jacquessen Champagne to British wine merchant Berkmann Wine Cellars is a long-held dream that has finally come true. We are all delighted to be able to build on the excellent work done by Fields, Morris Verdin during that time.

In the Berkmann Wine Cellars portfolio, Jacquessen Champagnes will sit side-by-side with another family-owned Delapierre winery.