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May 30, 2022 View:

British magazine says Chilean wine has become a favorite of Chinese consumers

A recent article in The Economist, a leading British magazine, described Chile as a world wine power and noted that Chilean wine has become a favorite of Chinese consumers.

Image courtesy of: Wine News

Chilean radio station Bo-Bo reports that, according to information provided by The Economist, since the signing of the FTA between Chile and China in 2006, Chile"s total annual wine exports to China have jumped from an initial $5 million to $250 million in 2019; while the average price per case of Chilean wine exported to China is $33.11.

The article points out that Chilean branded wines with special packaging will be particularly appreciated by Chinese consumers.

Data show that from January to November 2020, Chilean bulk wine exports totaled 320.9 million liters, with total exports reaching $265.2 million. The United States, the United Kingdom and China are its main export destinations.

On the other hand, Chile is blessed with natural conditions that make its vineyards virtually pest-free, which is one of the favourable conditions for Chile to become the world's largest non-European wine exporter.