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May 30, 2022 View:

British artist paints portrait of Queen of England on carpet with red wine

A British artist has painted a stunning portrait of the Queen of England with red wine spilled on a carpet, the Mirror reported on July 13.

Image from: China Youth Network

The artist Fanny Gough reportedly used this elaborate portrait to express her appreciation for the Queen"s support of the embargo policy during the epidemic. The painting, which covers an area of about 2 square meters, she first spilled red wine on the carpet, then used a brush head dipped in stain remover to outline the outline and finally used a fine paint brush to trace the details of the face.

The painting Fanny was commissioned by a cleaning brand, Susan Fermor of the company said that the Queen had supported the blockade during the epidemic and that she not only rhymed like a fine wine, but used her calling to influence the nation when there was a need, like a good glass of red wine, so they wanted to pay tribute to the Queen in this way. The stain remover used in the painting is a product of this company, and sales rose dramatically during the epidemic as demand for cleaning products increased.

Fanny is said to have made her name on a British television show, "Where Home Is Where Art Is," and later created portraits of BBC Breakfast hosts Dan Walker and Louise Minchin using breakfast foods such as eggs, tea, ketchup and brown sauce. She says she used to paint with beer, wine and coffee herself, so she's good at it. But making the Queen's portrait in red wine was a challenge for her, and she was pleased with the end result.