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May 30, 2022 View:

Boxed wine sales gain momentum in Australian market

During the closure of Australia, Australians created a strong demand for boxed wine, which led to a 21% spike in boxed wine sales.

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Boxed wine sales in the Australian retail market rose 21% in the four weeks to April 5, 2020, according to IRI Market Edge, The Guardian reports. Last month, sales of BiB boxed wine increased by just 1%, after it saw a decline in Australia just prior to that.

Consumers are discovering the value of barrel-aged wines and are surprised by their quality, said Darren De Bortoli, managing director of De Bortoli Winery, in an interview with The Guardian, noting that lovers of boxed wines are embracing the trend.

Obviously, with the coronavirus, people are being very careful with their money, he added.

The rise in boxed wine sales is likely due to the affordability and ease of use of boxed wines Most boxed wines stay fresh for a month after opening, which means less wine is wasted.

What we"re seeing is some families where one side likes red wine and the other side likes white wine. This means you can choose the type of wine you like and drink it for a few days, said Nick Waterman, managing director of Chateau Royal Orchid, in an interview with The Guardian.

According to The Guardian, the fastest-growing wines sold in Australia today are those in the A$6-10 range, with sales up by nearly a third, while wines in the A$50 and above range have seen a decline.

Online wine sales are also on the rise in Australia, with increased consumer support for small local wine producers.