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May 30, 2022 View:

Bordeaux wineries look forward to the return of Chinese tourists

Radio France Sud reported on July 1, with the original title: Bordeaux's view of the Chinese has not changed Some Bordeaux wineries have recently complained of being abandoned by Chinese investors, with a shortage of funds and staff being laid off. However, Bernard Farge, president of the Bordeaux Wine Industry Association (CIVB), said in an interview with the station that in the long run, the wine industry need not worry about this.

Image from: Global Times

As of July 1, France and the European Union reopen their borders to China. Will the reopened bilateral trade bring any changes? According to Farge, the reopening of trade in the face of any country is important for Bordeaux. The amount of (French) wine imported into China had already declined before the New Crown outbreak due to the implementation of a more favorable duty rate for Australian wines, but China is still firmly in the position of a major wine importer.

Like the Bordeaux region, there are many Chinese investors in other French wine regions. In the past 12 years, Chinese buyers have acquired more than a hundred Bordeaux region wineries, Fajr noted. It"s good that the Chinese are investing in the French wine industry and expanding exports to China whenever possible.

Since China is not always kind in trade negotiations, doesn't the Bordeaux wine industry feel a little distrustful of Chinese businessmen? According to Farge, trade negotiations (between countries) often involve very political topics, but companies focus on doing business and achieving profits. The Chinese bring jobs, and local Bordeaux winegrowers and trading companies have a good relationship with their Chinese customers.

From March 15 to the present, Bordeaux wine production activity, which was hit by the epidemic, has plummeted by 90 percent. The French and Bordeaux summer wine-related tourism itinerary, which has been developing for more than a decade, is also awaiting the return of foreign tourists. With Americans almost destined to be absent, Chinese tourists are even more expected.