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May 30, 2022 View:

Bordeaux's Vieux Paquillon acquired by Australian investor

According to a spokesman for Bordeaux's Vieux Paquillon, the winery was recently acquired by a mysterious Australian investor.

Image courtesy of: thedrinksbusiness

Located in the Saint-Emilion wine region, Vieux Paquillon was previously owned by Andre Benoist, who acquired the estate in 2004. In addition to this winery, he is also the owner of Château La Bergère.

Since 2004, Vieux Paquillon has been managed by Andre Benoist"s family, who have also improved the winery's equipment and design.

The total area of the Bordeaux Vieux Paquillon estate amounts to 12.6 hectares, of which 9.8 hectares are devoted to the cultivation of grape varieties.

Although the name of the Australian investor who acquired the Bordeaux Vieux Paquillon has not yet been announced, there is evidence that Australian investors are just as interested in Bordeaux châteaux as Chinese investors.

The Australian investor chose to acquire the Bordeaux winery anonymously, and although no specific purchase price was announced at the same time, it still means that Australians are fond of Bordeaux wines.