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May 30, 2022 View:

Bordeaux Wine Tasting Week to be held in late April

The Bordeaux Confederation of Grands Crus has confirmed that the 2020 Wine Tasting Week event will take place at the end of April, rather than in March.

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Ronan Laborde, chief executive of the Bordeaux Confederation of Grands Crus, told the drinks industry that they decided last year to hold a wine tasting week from April 26 to 29.

He said:This is a little later than last year, but it is in line with our desire and the expectations of our partners to keep the Wine Tasting Week event alive and attractive.

In that case, the sale should start in early May and end in mid to late June.

He added that due to various restrictions, it was hoped that participants would come to the wine tasting week in person, or that the Bordeaux Châteaux Federation would arrange for the week to be held in ten major cities around the world, as it was forced to rush into effect last year despite being quite successful due to the impact of the New Crown epidemic.

Last year, just as the annual Wine Tasting Week event was beginning, Europe began to feel the importance of the New Crown pneumonia epidemic, leading to the cancellation of the week.

Instead, the Fédération des Crus Bourbons arranges for samples of the wines to be sent to wine merchants and critics for tasting and review.