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May 30, 2022 View:

Bordeaux Wine Industry Association Names Gregory Vine as U.S. PR Agency

The Bordeaux Wine Industry Association has officially appointed Gregory + Vine as its public relations agency in the United States for 2020-2022.

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The agency will support the Bordeaux Wine Institute"s public relations and education activities in the United States. The two-year partnership will focus on a dynamic information campaign and will promote wine and sustainability investments in the region, as well as women and the next generation of winemakers.

Speaking about the partnership, Helen Gregory, founder and president of Gregory + Vine, said: "We are delighted to represent the top French winemaking regions in the United States.

Our events are about the people, winemakers and vintners behind the wines of Bordeaux today. We are excited to share their stories and to support raising awareness of the region's wine varieties.

Based in New York, Kansas City and Madrid, Gregory + Vine will help the Bordeaux Wine Industry Association achieve four main objectives: enhance consumer awareness of Bordeaux wine brands and recruit young drinkers; build knowledge and protect the quality of the region's wines and anticipate changes in environmental and food safety legislation; provide data on Bordeaux wine production, marketing and sales data on Bordeaux wines, as well as protecting the region's vineyards, combating counterfeiting, and promoting wine tourism.