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May 30, 2022 View:

Bordeaux En Primeur Promotion Week held in Bordeaux

At the beginning of April, the annual Bordeaux En primeur promotion week was held as scheduled, with many wine merchants, wine critics and media heading to Bordeaux to taste the 2017 en primeur wines still in barrels. Olivier Bernard, President of the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux (UGC), opened the week with his thoughts on the 2017 en primeur wines.

Image from: WineHub

When it comes to Bordeaux"s 2017, it is not difficult to recall the severe frost disaster, especially in the Right Bank and southern regions, where grape yields were at a record low in several areas. However, despite the sharp drop in production, the overall situation of the 2017 vintage was not as bad as one might expect.

The 2017 reds have a pleasant freshness and a classic Bordeaux style, Bernard commented, adding that in that extreme weather we had expected the wines to be raw and green, but when you really taste them you find that most of them show good ripeness of the grapes.

Of course, the quality of 2017 is not on par with the 2015 or 2016 vintages, which are slightly lower in yield and quality by comparison, but it is still a very pleasant and approachable vintage.

Image from: WineHub

In fact, ahead of Bordeaux en primeur week, renowned wine critic James Suckling released his thoughts on the 2017 vintage and a list of high staging wines from the Right Bank.JS believes that despite disasters such as frost in 2017, many of the top Bordeaux chateaux continued to produce extremely good wines, due to the fact that they were less affected by the frost, if at all. or even unaffected. JS also commented that 2017 was a vintage that reflected the terroir well, and that châteaux with top vineyards often produced excellent wines.

Roger Voss, editor-in-chief of Wine Enthusiast (WE) Europe, also gave his thoughts on the 2017 vintage this week and gave his top right bank scores. In Roger Voss"s opinion, the 2017 Bordeaux vintage was not as productive as previous years, but the quality was above expectations, making it a good, though not great, vintage.

Regarding the price of the 2017 en primeur, Bernard said it will be lower than the 2015 and 2016 vintages, and he believes most wineries will price carefully. This is in line with market voices, with some leading wine merchants expecting prices for the 2017 vintage to drop by 20-25%.