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May 30, 2022 View:

Austrian restaurant launches no-personal-contact wine buying service

As a result of the epidemic, Austria has adopted a national blockade three times, and the restaurant industry has been greatly affected.

Image from: Global Times

The epidemic has changed the food consumption habits of Austrians, and how to ensure safety and hygiene has become the primary issue. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention, eating in restaurants, drinking in bars, and going to cafes, which Austrians were accustomed to, were prohibited. In Vienna, the catering industry has been doing its best during the epidemic. In addition to further development of online ordering and express delivery, several famous caterers have introduced unique services to ensure that customers can purchase their favorite wines without human contact.

Located in the middle of the Vienna Forest, near the Danube River, Kobenzer Winery is one of the largest winegrowing enterprises in Vienna, cultivating traditional Austrian grape varieties such as Riesling, Green Veltliner and Pinot Blanc in its 60 hectares of vineyards, producing fruity and mineral-rich wines. Prior to the epidemic, the winery and vineyards were open to the public and customers could walk along the hillside in the summer and fall, or visit the vineyards by appointment for a picnic with the winery"s own wines and seasonal dishes, and the winery's homemade Viennese mulled wine and hot grape juice were sold on site in the winter.

Due to the epidemic, a vending machine was installed at the front door of the Kobenzer winery and is available 24 hours a day. The vending machine contains a wide selection of the winery's products, from the classic Viennese blends, Rieslings and Green Veltliners, to sparkling wines and new wines of the year, and even offers special grape juice and organic honey. Even when the winery and the restaurants and cafes in the mountains were closed during the embargo imposed in Vienna, customers were able to purchase wines at the machine at any time at winery-direct prices, and the purchase process completely avoided human contact. Since the wine vending machines were put into operation, sales have been so good that the winery staff even had to restock on weekends.

In addition, Kobenzer Winery has opened an online store and launched services such as cloud wine tasting. With 10 or more participants or an order of 10 wine kit products, a free online wine tasting event can be arranged exclusively for family, friends or corporate teams who cannot meet during the epidemic to organize a remote gathering to talk about wine via web-based video conferencing software.