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May 30, 2022 View:

Austrian Wine Marketing Board launches blended wine tasting

The Austrian Wine Marketing Board has recently launched a new series of wine tastings against the coronavirus, using a hybrid model to ensure the safety of participants; the first tasting has already taken place in Moscow and the next one will be held in London in 2021.

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The Moscow Wine Tasting took place on November 23rd, where 160 industry and media professionals (over two time slots) each sat at their own table and tasted over 190 different wines.

The wines can be ordered from the staff and through an online application where tasters can contact any of the 32 winegrowers via chat or video call.

In addition, there are short videos and further supplementary information about the wines and wineries available.

Chris Yorke, CEO of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board, says: Since March this year, we have been working night and day on innovative ways of tasting our great wines to get them in front of international opinion leaders.

In cooperation with Advantage Austria, we set an important milestone for the international wine market at the blending tasting in Moscow which was also confirmed by the participants!

Given the strong response to the Moscow tasting experience, the Austrian Wine Marketing Board has said that they will expand this new blend to other cities, starting with London in 2021.