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May 30, 2022 View:

Austrian Biodynamic Society adds new members

The Austrian biodynamic association respekt-Biodyn has announced that two new wineries have joined the association: Sven Leiner and Sattlerhof.

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The new additions bring the group"s total membership to 25, mainly from Germany, Austria, Hungary and Italy, with 17 Austrian members accounting for one-tenth of the country's organic vineyards (630 hectares).

The Leiner winery, located in the southern part of the Pfalz appellation in Germany, is considered a pioneer in biodynamics in the region. Founded in 1974, this winery was certified organic in 2005 and Demeter in 2011. Winemaker Sven Leiner was nominated as Winemaker of the Year by the German Faustav Wine Guide in 2020.

The Sattlerhof winery in Styria, Austria, has been certified organic since 2016 and is currently being converted to biodynamics with the support of respekt, which means it is now accepted as a member in conversion.

The respekt-Biodyn Association was founded in 2007 as a biodynamic certification body and winemakers' association. Today it includes many German and Austrian wine producers, such as Judith Beck, Loimer, Anita Hans Nittnaus, Ott, Gerhard Brigitte Pittnauer, Claus Preisinger and Wittmann.