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May 30, 2022 View:

Australian wine treasure trove of 13 wines named best of the best by Zuga Wines

The Australian Wine Awards 2021 was held recently. As a leading New World wine company, Yogal Wine Group had a great time at the awards, with 13 of its wines winning Best of the Best and 40 wines achieving Gold ratings (95 points and above) in the subsequent 2021 edition of the yearbook.

Image courtesy of: Wine Business Watch

Elanz takes the triple crown for best sparkling wine

In the much-anticipated list of winners, the Elanz brand was named Best Sparkling Wine with 99 points for the 2005 Edicard Late Deglaze Sparkling Wine, the third consecutive year that Elanz has won this award. This is the seventh time that James Harridan has awarded Elanz this award, saying that it compares favourably with the best champagne brands. The 2009 Rosé Sparkling Wine was also recognized with 98 points.

Since its inception, Errans has been committed to creating world-class sparkling wines. With Eddie Carr, the father of Australian sparkling wine, as the head winemaker, we select the best sparkling varieties from the cold climate regions of Tasmania and blend them carefully using the Champagne method to bring star wines of outstanding quality and taste to sparkling wine lovers around the world.

The high score group shows the strength of Goodwill

In this competition, a number of brands and wines from the Goodwill Group, including Chardy, Grant Burge, St Harry"s, Flaming Bay and Houghton, received high gold ratings from the Australian Wine Book.

Let's take a look at the lineup of the Goodwill Plus High Scoring Skyline, as follows.

Flaming Bay Pinot Noir - 99 points

2017 Houghton Jackman Cabernet Sauvignon 98 points

2017 Houghton Glaston Cabernet Sauvignon 98 points

Grant Burge 40 Year Old Teal Port 98 points

2016 St. Harry's Old Vine Shiraz 97 points

2017 St. Harry Blackwell Shiraz 97 points

2017 Grant Burge Grant Burge Creighton Park Cabernet Sauvignon 96 points

2017 Chardy Erin Chardy Chardonnay 96 points

2017 Chardy HRB Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 95 points

Among them, Chardy, which adheres to the concept of making wines that can be appreciated by the whole world, insists on winning the love of wine lovers with its premium quality while meeting the different needs of global consumers with a wide range of categories. Therefore, it makes sense that all six of Chardy's products, including the 2017 Erin Chardy Chardonnay and the 2017 HRB Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, were awarded gold quality ratings.

Image courtesy of: Wine Business Watch

The Barossa appellation brand excelled this time

It is worth noting that the Barossa appellation brand of Goodwill Plus performed very well in this selection.

Grant Burge Grant Burge, as the second largest wine brand in Barossa, has a brand heritage of over 160 years and is a guarantee of quality and origin. This time Grant Burge Grant Burge"s 40 year old teal Port and Creighton Park Cabernet Sauvignon scored 98 and 96 points respectively, and the former was also listed in the top 100 wines of the year in the fortified wine category.

Another Barossa winery, St Harry's, scored 97 points for both its 2016 Old Vine Shiraz and 2017 Blackwell Shiraz. Since the launch of the Old Vine Shiraz in 1980, St Harry's has remained steadfast in its focus on Shiraz red wine making using grapes from the Barossa Valley and has been at the forefront of development, making it a worthy Shiraz legend.

Goodwill Plus' philosophy of selecting the best of the best is consistent with Harid's

It is regarded as the industry benchmark for Australian wine as it is based on the results of thousands of wineries and nearly 10,000 wines tasted by Australia's most influential wine critic, James Harridan, and his professional tasting team.

James Harridan has devoted most of his life to wine and is a highly respected Australian wine critic and veteran viticulturist who has spent nearly 50 years in the business. He is widely known as the godfather of Australian wine for his unique and knowledgeable writing style.

One of his most popular books is The Australian Wine Book, which is widely respected by industry professionals and wine lovers. James Harridan has established an authoritative and professional wine scoring system, which has been widely circulated in the industry and has become the industry benchmark for Australian wine.

In line with the philosophy of the Australian Wine Dictionary, YUKA has never ceased its pursuit of the best of the best, the very best of the very best. In doing so, the YUKA Group has always been consumer-focused and professional in its winemaking skills, and has kept pace with the times and dedicated itself to providing quality wines at multiple price points.