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May 30, 2022 View:

Audrey Frick Serves as Italian Wine Critic for Jeb Dannecker's Team

American wine critic Jeb Danak has announced that Audrey Frick will join his website as its new Italian wine critic.

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Dannecker said he was delighted to have Frick as a contributing editor. Her addition further enhances the offerings of the Jeb Dannecker website, which is now available for French and American wines.

Frick began her wine career at Frasca, a restaurant in Boulder, Colorado that specializes in Northern Italian flavors, where she worked her way up from the back office to the wine team and earned her Advanced Sommelier certification through the World Association of Master Sommeliers.

She later moved to her sister restaurant Tavernetta in Denver, where the wine list is all Italian, and where she became head sommelier. Now she lives in New York.

She says:When people scratch the surface of Italian wine, I think there is still a lot of value and quality to be discovered in Italian wine today.

I have long appreciated and enjoyed working with Dannecker and his approach to wine criticism. Wine reviews can highlight the strengths of a wine and help readers understand what to drink, when to drink it, and what they should put next to it. I look forward to bringing some insight to the subscribers of Dannecker"s website.

Danak comments:It has always been my goal to provide comprehensive, consumer-focused coverage of the most interesting wines from around the world, and now I'm excited to include Italian wines in that mix.

Dannecker will continue his regular programming, covering wines from California, Washington, the South of France and Bordeaux.