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May 30, 2022 View:

Argentine winery Windy Words launches new Reserve Syrah in UK market

Argentine wine brand Windy Words has capitalized on the recent strong sales of its best-selling Malbec by launching a Reserve Syrah into the UK retail market.

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According to the latest Nielsen data, Windy Words, which is part of the UK region of Château de L"Ouverture, has seen a 52% increase in total market value over the past 52 weeks, with particularly strong growth in the Reserve Malbec, which has increased by 102% over the past 52 weeks.

The new Syrah launch, which will be available in UK retail outlets in mid-August at a suggested retail price of £8, will capitalize on the popularity of Syrah in the UK market. Syrah, along with Merlot and Malbec, are three of the most popular red grape varieties in the UK market.

Windsong now holds 23% of the Argentine wine market share in the UK and its household user penetration rose to 5.6%, the highest figure ever.

Argentine Syrah has grown significantly over the past decade, says Maximiliano Ortiz, winemaker at Windy Words. It is very well adapted to the higher sunshine and cooler areas of Mendoza, such as the Vucao Valley appellation.

The Reserve Syrah from Windy Words has a deep red color, full body, floral aromas, ripe black fruit, and spicy notes of smoke and vanilla.

In June of this year, Windy Words Winery launched a Malbec rosé, which the brand says has received a lot of attention from consumers since its launch.