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May 30, 2022 View:

Archaeologists discover ancient Roman villa and wine cellar in Valdepeñes

Incredible archaeological discoveries have recently been made in Valdepeas, where the traffic circle was built: an ancient Roman ruin covering 1,500 square meters, including villas and wine cellars. Experts say it may have been the largest winery in ancient Spain.

Image courtesy of: Penin Guide Spain

The most noteworthy feature of the winery, which is presumed to date from the 1st/2nd century to the 4th/5th century, is the wine cellar, a building of 350 square meters in good condition, where archaeologists have found all the spaces and elements related to winemaking.

The mayor of Valdepérez, Jess Martn, and the deputy minister of culture, Ana Munoz, visited the area this Wednesday, where a traffic circle was previously proposed to improve road safety in the area, but the entire construction project is now completely suspended due to this major discovery. The mayor said that the most important thing now is to carry out archaeological research and explore more information about the ancient winery.