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May 30, 2022 View:

Antonio Galloni releases Bordeaux 2019 vintage report

A few days ago, Antonio Galloni published the Bordeaux 2019 Report: The Long Strange Journey on Vinous; evaluating the performance of the vintage, individual wine regions and and wines.

Image courtesy of: Liv-ex

Galloni said that 2019 is undoubtedly an outstanding year, most notably for their balance.

When tasted, the 2019 brings together the richness of the 2009, the vibrancy of the 2010 and the layered structure of the 2014, he explains. While the 2019 has some things in common with the 2009 and 2010, the 2019 is more elegant and has a longer finish than they do. With a few exceptions, they are mostly not exaggerated wines.

Galloni revealed that one of the challenges of tasting the 2019 vintage was that many of the top wineries did not submit samples. The most difficult part of tasting the 2019 vintage at home was the lack of context []At Pomerol, my schedule is always carefully sequenced. This year, however, it was not possible and there was no choice but to taste the wines in the order in which they arrived in the sample.

Galloni reviews yesterday"s release Margaux is the top 2019 vintage; gives it 98-100 points.

He also admired last week's releases of the Calon Segur and Haut Brion, giving them 96-98 points.