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May 30, 2022 View:

American Garou Winery establishes partnership with Meixia International Wines

Caro Wines and China's leading importer, Meixia International Wines, have announced that Caro's premium wine brands, Proverb, OrinSwift, Louis M. Martini, Pahlmeyer and Lusine, will be distributed by Meixia in mainland China.

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Founded in 1933, Chateau Garroux is celebrating its 88th birthday this year. Headquartered in Modesto, California, Caro is the largest family-owned and operated winery in the world, with a family passion and skill for making wine that has been passed down for four generations. In its 88 years of existence, the wines of Chateau Garou have achieved impressive results, sweeping major awards in the United States and around the world over the years. Founded in 1999 with the mission of creating a great experience together, Meixia International Wines has been one of the leading importers and distributors of wine in China for over 20 years since its inception. With its multi-channel operation model, Messia"s wine and beverage brands from around the world are connected to Chinese consumers through hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, wholesale and e-commerce channels, delivering excellent wine quality and culture to all parts of China.

This partnership between Caro and Messiaen is a milestone in delivering authentic California wine culture to Chinese consumers. Bill McMorran, Vice President and General Manager of Caro Wines Asia Pacific, said: "China's rapid response to the global epidemic and its ability to recover has given us great confidence in the Chinese consumer market. The team at Carol has long been committed to making high quality wines and creating diverse wine brands for a wide range of consumers around the world, such as our Orin Swift and Lusine founder Dave Phinney, whose long history of innovative winemaking achievements earned him the 2019 Wine Enthusiast Winemaker of the Year. With this partnership with Messiaen, we believe that through Messiaen's more than 20 years of experience in serving the Chinese market and our professional wine sales and marketing team, we can better serve our Chinese consumers and hope to bring more new friends to both of us by sharing the stories, history, and craftsmanship of Garou's wine brands.

Berny Yang, General Manager, Greater China, Michaels International Wines, said: "We are honored to partner with Chateau Garroux and introduce to the Chinese market the other Pinot Noir brands under winemaker Dave Phinney's Lusine label, all of which have been rated over 95 points by Wine Advocate. From the legendary and classic Napa Valley wines of Pahlmeyer and Louis M. Martini, to the artful and iconic Orin Swift and Lusine, to the lifestyle brand Proverb, Carlsberg's comprehensive catalog of brands has joined forces with Meixia to bring Chinese consumers and global wine brands together to create a new world of wine. The brand's mission is to create a great experience for Chinese consumers and global wine brands.

Next month, Chateau Garroux will be exhibiting at the TWC Global Wine Tour (California Wine Pavilion) at the Wanda Ruihua Hotel in Chengdu on April 3 and April 6, and at the 104th National Sugar and Wine Fair (Chengdu Spring Sugar) on April 7 and April 9, at booth #12D-014T.