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May 30, 2022 View:

Aldi Supermarkets launches new range of low alcohol products to meet January sobriety campaign

To cater to the January sobriety campaign, Aldi supermarkets recently launched a new range of low-alcohol drinks.

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The new range of low-alcohol beverages includes six drinks four non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic craft beers, a low-alcoholic cider and a gin-style non-alcoholic rhubarb and ginger drink, all under the Haysmith brand, which is said to be 50% cheaper than Seedlip, the category"s leading brand.

In addition, Aldi supermarkets have launched a vegetarian type of prosecco, Collezione Oro vegan prosecco, priced at £6.99 per bottle.

According to the latest Nielsen figures, sales of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks grew by 32.5% before the city was closed last March and have continued to grow by 30% since then to £188 million.

In keeping with its January sobriety campaign, Morrison's Supermarket also introduced non-alcoholic and low-alcohol products, with about 30 products reduced in price, including five zero-alcohol wines and noseccos, as well as a range of craft beers and ciders.