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May 30, 2022 View:

Aldi Supermarket launches large bottle of Provence rosé

With rosé proving to be one of the most successful sales cases during the city closure, discount retailer Aldi Supermarkets has launched a large bottle of Provence rosé which is priced at just £11.99.

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According to Aldi Supermarkets, this bright, light pink rosé has subtle aromas of pink grapefruit, rose, molillo black cherry and melon, with a rich mineral aftertaste.

The retailer also described the 13% abv wine as elegant and fresh, with light red fruit aromas.

Aldi Supermarket says:Refreshing rosé is widely considered the ultimate summer wine, and shoppers can close their eyes and enjoy Provence life.

This rosé is likely to be a big summer seller, not least because it offers good value for money and is now available online and in Aldi supermarkets across the UK.

Aldi supermarkets recommend drinking it as an aperitif or with grilled meat or chicken Caesar salad.