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May 30, 2022 View:

A marine energy company innovates with tidal energy to distill Scotch whisky

Recently, an ocean energy company: Nova Innovation (hereinafter: NI), announced a groundbreaking project to innovate the use of tidal energy to distill Scotch whisky.

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The company plans to install a series of underwater turbines between the islands of Islay and Jura in Scotland"s Inner Hebrides, designed to generate clean, renewable energy generated by the tides to replace the fossil fuels used on the island and to power a local whisky distillery. The subsea turbines will have no visual impact on the landscape, pose no transport or navigational hazards, and work in harmony with the marine environment.

Simon Forrest, Chief Executive Officer of NI, said: "We are delighted to have the opportunity to combine Scotland's rich whisky heritage with the Islay Tidal Energy Project. Tides can play a huge role in decarbonising the whisky industry and ensuring the sustainability of the island's inhabitants.

It is understood that the Crown Estate of Scotland (CES) has granted NI an option agreement for the project, allowing the company to commence its detailed development.

Mark McKean, development manager for the RAA, said NI is taking a key step in Scotland's renewable energy journey.

This project is a great example of how the local energy system works and we hope to see more of these projects around Scottish waters, creating new developments that will boost Scotland's blue economy and bring us closer to meeting the country's goal of net zero emissions by 2045, he said.

Angus Colquhoun, owner of Bunahabun Brewery on Islay, said: "We are delighted that NI has been awarded subsea rights to the Islay Tidal Energy Project. This will provide a potential opportunity to build a tidal energy system in our vicinity to improve the sustainability of our energy sources. On the other hand, the project has great potential to support the range of improvements that Bunahaben Distillery is committed to making to improve the sustainability of building the Scotch malt whisky brand and to support the distillery in doing its part to help tackle the climate change crisis.

AJ Cunningham, operations manager at the Bunahaben Brewery on Islay, said: "This tidal energy project really does send a positive signal for Islay, as well as increasing the potential for local and renewable energy. It will decarbonise our industry, provide access to clean, sustainable energy supplies such as tidal energy and go some way to supporting our ambition to achieve zero carbon emissions.

NI Chief Executive Simon Forrest added: "This project has the potential to make Scotch one of the leading whiskies in the world.