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May 30, 2022 View:

A Spanish winery lost 50,000 liters of wine when a metal winemaking tank suddenly burst

According to the Spanish Euronews news agency reported that on September 25, local time, Spain's Castilla-La Mancha autonomous region, the city of Villamalea (Villamalea), a winery metal winemaking tank suddenly burst, resulting in more than 50,000 liters of red wine flowed into a small river in a moment, the winemaking tank storage of red wine all lost.

Image from: Euronet

According to reports, on September 25, local time, located in the Spanish city of Villamalea, Vitivinos winery (Bodegas Vitivinos) winemaking tank rupture for unknown reasons, resulting in 50,000 liters of red wine instantly gushed out, so that the staff watched the red wine flow arbitrarily, but can not do anything.

Local media reports said that workers at the winery could only watch as thousands of liters of wine slowly flowed from the winery tanks into a nearby field. Winery technicians said the accidental wine spill was caused by a sudden bursting of the metal winemaking tanks.

The Vitivinos winery, founded in 1969, is located in a beautiful hilly area between the Yuca and Cabriere rivers, with 1,570 hectares of vineyards that can produce 6 million kilograms of grapes per year. And under the guidance of Dr. JosP. Gracia, a famous European winemaker, it combines different wine fermentation processes to produce red and white wines, and is one of the leading wine producers in Spain.