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May 30, 2022 View:

A Spanish wine company launches 5 wine products in cans

The boom in the wine industry in recent years has prompted the sector to consider new forms of consumption in response to different business models, and one of the areas being explored is the conversion of wine into a portable format, for example in cans. One company in Catalonia has decided to adopt a new format.

Image courtesy of: Penin Guide Spain

Aluvinum Wines, located in Sant Sadurn, Barcelona, created the brand Glassed Canes Wines to sell up to five different types of wines and use recycled forms according to an eco-friendly philosophy.

The canning of wine is intended to make it an easy-to-consume portable alternative that can be consumed outdoors or in the comfort of the home, and is safe to sip in the context of an epidemic, without the need to share bottles.

In terms of taste, the Glass Canned Wines brand says that the coating material inside the jars and the material of the jars, aluminum itself, do not interfere with the aromas and flavors of the wine and also help prevent the wine from oxidizing.