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May 30, 2022 View:

A Chinese wine company acquires French Chateau La Gorce

On April 6, 2018 Christie's China Marketing Director for the Château Department, Li Lijuan, announced the sale of Chateau de Lagorce in the TARGON region of Bordeaux, France (Bordeaux AOC appellation) including its inventory under the name SCEA Degore to a Chinese wine sales company. Christophe Lacoste, a Bordeaux notary, represented the buyer as notary and Philippe Laveix, a notary from the Sauveterre-de-Guyenne region, represented the seller as notary.

Image from: China Wine Information

Mr. Benjamin Bensaku, with his wife Beatrice, inherited his mother"s winery in 1994, which dates back to Gaulish-Roman times and has a cross in the courtyard dating back to the Middle Ages. The cellar is located in the old church, and we can still see the windows of that period in the chapel windows. Benjamin's father developed a system of hot maceration of the grapes, by which the juice is heated and then cooled to sterilize it, and then yeast is added to start fermentation. This process allows the wines to be of the same quality and taste from vintage to vintage and is appreciated by customers. The estate is a traditional French Bordeaux wine estate that has been in the family for generations, with a total area of 68.73 hectares, including 38.82 hectares of vineyards.

Mr. Motosaku said: "I have been working for the past 24 years to improve the winery, to grow good grapes and make good wine, but my two daughters chose other careers and were not able to inherit the family business. But I am happy to see that the current team will continue to take care of Chateaude Lagorce. I believe I can continue to assist them with a smooth transition under the guidance of the next great winery manager.

We are always looking for high quality and productive vineyards," said Manager Lin, the investment director of the Chinese side. We intend to offer the wines to our existing customers as well as to our distribution network in China.