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May 30, 2022 View:

60th Annual Night St. George's Home for the Poor Auction Held

On Sunday, March 14, 2021, the 60th edition of the Night St. Georges Franciscan Auction was held at the Château de Vouillot, with a total turnover of almost 2 million euros, another record!

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The auction, attended by around fifty buyers under strict regulations on prevention requirements, generated a total turnover of €1,923,000, an increase of around 18% compared to the previous year"s auction total. The highly sought-after President's Pass sold for €48,380.

A total of 114 barrels (228 liters) of the best Burgundy wines were sold at the auction, averaging around €17,000 each. The vast majority of these were red wines from the Nuit St. Georges appellation, made from grapes harvested in 2020.

Successful buyers of the wines will need to choose a Burgundy winemaker to finish aging their wines and will not be able to get their wines until after bottling. Some of the wines will be aged in private cellars, while others will be available for sale through regular sales channels.

This year's charity barrel was a selection of old vines from the famous first growth of Les Saint-Georges, a wine that was the subject of much bidding and sold for a whopping 49,380 euros. The entire amount will be donated to the Institut Pasteur for biological research projects and for projects related to the prediction of future pandemic risks.

The 2020 vintage gave the Hospices de Nuits wines intense aromas and wonderful complexity, while having a surprising acidity that guarantees freshness. The Burgundy lovers present at the tasting gave high marks to the wine.