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May 30, 2022 View:

500 bottles of wine worth 500,000 euros stolen from famous German hotel

The Rheingau region of Hesse is a famous wine region in Germany. The Crown Palace Kronenschlosschen in Eltville here is a famous hotel in the region. The hotel is usually manned all year round. The kitchen is open until 1:00 am. Business is slow during the new crown period when it is closed due to controls.

Image courtesy of: Wine News

The thieves saw this opportunity and broke through four security gates and a fence on the night of Wednesday, January 13, stealing 500 of the 70,000 bottles of wine, including 20 bottles of Romane Conti (worth a maximum of 18,500 euros each). The total value of the stolen goods: 500,000 euros.

The cellars and hotels here have an international reputation among wine lovers. The burglars knew exactly what to do, and they did it with precision. Johanna Bachstadt, the hotel"s manageress, said the thieves knew exactly what to bring and only took the best vintages.

The wine cellar's reinforced doors were secured with fingerprint sensors. They all smashed it up, Bachstad said. One person couldn't have done it, it must have been a gang effort. Similar situations have occurred at the top hotels Traube (Tonbach) and Schwarzer Adler. A police spokesman said: We can't rule out the possibility of a cross-regional gang operation.