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May 30, 2022 View:

3 Zhang Yu wines hit Selfridges

London's Selfridges Co. is a world-famous department store. Selfridges is not only a century-old store with a long history, but also a trend-setting fashion icon, known as a museum of luxury.

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Recently, the wine counter in Selfridges department store was stocked with three wines from Ningxia Zhang Yu Mosel XV, including the main label Zhang Yu Mosel XV dry red, the secondary label Zhang Yu Mosel Family Cabernet Sauvignon dry red, and the entry-level model Zhang Yu Mosel Legend Cabernet Sauvignon dry white. Among them, Changyu Mosel Legend Cabernet Sauvignon has also entered the Harry G. Gordon Bar. The wine is also available in the Harry Gordons Bar, which is based on the name of Harry Gordons, the founder of Selfridges. Gordon Selfridge. The bar, named after Selfridges founder Harry Gordon Selfridges, provides a space for customers to sit and enjoy a glass of wine.

Tan Shaoyun, Export Manager of Zhang Yu Company, said: This wine shop in the department store is simply a wine paradise. When we really stood at the top of the wine world, we felt proud, happy and excited. The achievement of this step is the result of the full support of the company"s leaders at all levels in details little by little, the hard work and persistent improvement of the winery colleagues, and the good customer resources and hard work of the front-line sales staff. Zhang Yu will definitely do better and better and truly become one of the best wine suppliers in the world.

It is understood that the wines of Ningxia Zhangyu Chateau Mosel XV entered the wine counters of BBR, the British Royal Wine Merchant, as early as 2013, and then entered the Tesco supermarket chain in 2017. From BBR to Tesco and Selfridges, from wine merchants to supermarket chains and department stores, it marks that Ningxia Zhangyu Chateau Mosel XV wines have been more widely recognized in the UK market.

At the Zhang Yu Mosel Night Tasting held during the Prowein International Wine Exhibition in March this year, a number of wines from Ningxia Zhang Yu Chateau Mosel XV were praised by many European wine critics, sommeliers and wine media members. This is an outstanding and representative Chinese wine, on the same level as the top Bordeaux wines. When you taste this wine and guess where it comes from, you sometimes feel that it is very much from a New World region like Napa Valley, Chile, Australia, etc., but on the other hand it has the elegant structure of an Old World wine like Bordeaux. It combines the best of the old and new worlds to form a unique Chinese wine style, creating a wine personality characteristic that can only be found in the Ningxia region, in China.

John Stimpfig, executive editor of Decanter magazine, said: "The progress made by Changyu is amazing. John Stimpfig, Executive Editor of Decanter, also said: "The progress that Zhang Yu has made is amazing, I think Zhang Yu is not only producing more and more wine, but also the quality is getting higher and higher, and the trend of Zhang Yu looks very good, also for the Ningxia region. We were in Ningxia last year and I think the time is coming for Chinese wine.

In fact, Selfridges London tentatively started selling the Gold Diamond Ice Wine from Liaoning's Zhang Yu Golden Ice Valley Ice Wine Winery back in 2014, which is described in today's Selfridges online store as follows: Golden Ice Valley Gold Diamond Ice Wine is a light golden sweet wine from the oldest and largest winery in China, Zhang Yu. Made from Vidal grapes, the rich citrus fruit acidity underpins a delightful honey-like sweetness that makes for a balanced and elegant wine. Founded in 1892, Zhang Yu owns wineries in six different provinces. Perhaps a little surprising: Zhang Yu is one of the top ten wine producers in the world.

The Selfridges department store in London was founded in 1909 by Harry Gordon. Gordon Selfridge The founder, Harry Gordon Selfridge, is credited with pioneering the modern department store industry and first coined the popular business motto that the customer is always right. The 2013 television series "Mr. Selfridge", broadcast by the British independent television (ITV), artistically recreates Harry Gordon Selfridge's life. Gordon Selfridge. Mr. Selfridge's legendary life. Selfridges is old but always at the forefront of fashion, as the Selfridges website proclaims: Selfridges is a department store that works in the imagination: combining the world's most desirable brands with the most special displays, events and ideas to give a unique experience.

According to the report, Selfridges has been selected by the World Federation of Department Stores (IGDS) as the World's Best Department Store three times in a row (once every two years) in 2010, 2012 and 2014, which is the most awarded department store in the world; and won the World's Best Department Store Sustainability Award and the World's Best Department Store Event Award (the prestigious EveryBODY themed event) at the Global Department Store Summit (GDSS) in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Event Award and World's Best Department Store Event Award (for the prestigious EveryBODY theme) in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Some reviews even believe that: on the streets of London, the bright yellow Selfridges shopping bag is itself a symbol of quality and taste.