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May 30, 2022 View:

160th Wine Auction at the Bernese Hospital postponed to December 13th

The 160th annual Berntscheit Hospital Wine Auction was rescheduled for December 13, originally scheduled for November, but postponed.

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Despite the social restrictions imposed in France, the organizers of this annual auction had hoped to run as usual in mid-November, but were forced to cancel at the last minute.

However, with the relaxation of these restrictions by French President Macron, a new date has been redefined for the holding.

The organizers say:In accordance with the latest announcement of the French President and Government, we are pleased to announce that the 160th edition of the Wine Auction of the Bernese Poverty Hospital will take place on December 13 at 2 pm at the Hotel Grande Halle in the city of Bern.

We hope that the Bonn Civic Almshouse, and especially the hospital of the Bonn Civic Almshouse, will benefit from the profits of this auction, and that the staff of the French hospital, victims of New Crown Pneumonia, will benefit from this year"s auction entries. Thanks to the excellent work of the winemakers led by Ludivine Grivault, the auction will be a great success.

As previously mentioned, auction attendees will be required to follow strict health and safety protocols, including wearing a mask at all times and maintaining a social distance. In addition, attendance will be limited.