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May 30, 2022 View:

160th Boone's Hospital for the Poor wine auction delayed

The 160th Boone's Hospital for the Poor Wine Auction, scheduled for this weekend, was announced to be cancelled at the last minute, aborting plans to keep the auction on track, but organizers said the auction would be held as soon as possible.

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The Boone Jesuit Hospital Wine Auction was scheduled for Sunday, November 15, but just one day before the auction it was announced that the event had been postponed.

Earlier this month, organizers said everything was in place to allow only trade buyers into the auction, while others bid online in an event that was safe and away from the community.

The organizers do not appear to have made a direct statement about the reasons for the cancellation, but given the restrictions currently in place in France, one might think it safer and simpler to postpone the auction for the time being.

In a statement, the trustees of the Boon Benefit Hospital said:The 160th Boon Benefit Hospital Wine Auction will be organized as soon as possible, taking into account all comments and contributions to further improve conditions and smooth operations.

We have had much tougher trials in our history, and we have always overcome them with the help of our loyal supporters:we have them to thank.

We would especially like to thank the Regional Governor and Deputy Governor Boone for their support. patients and residents at EHPAD are always our priority and they trust us and respect us.

This was not the first time that an auction had been postponed; the poor wine harvests of 1961 and 1968 also led to the postponement of both auctions in those years.