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May 30, 2022 View:

160th Boone's Hospital for the Poor Wine Auction to be held next week

Boone's Hospital for the Poor has announced that the 160th Boone's Hospital for the Poor Wine Auction will be held on November 15, and private buyers will be invited to bid by phone or online.

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The auction will be organized as usual by Christie"s at Halles de Beaune, where a secure venue will be available for professional buyers, while private buyers will be able to bid by telephone or online.

Those attending the auction in person must follow a strict protocol of registering in advance, arriving on time, wearing a mask at all times, washing their hands immediately upon arrival at the auction, going directly to their seats, and maintaining a social distance.

In a joint statement, Alain Suguenot, mayor of Boenji, and Francois Poher, head of the Boenji Citizens' Almshouse, said: "The health environment in which we live makes this anniversary auction symbolic in a way that has never been seen before. The commitment and courage of the hospital staff mobilized to the front line of the coronavirus pandemic made it possible for them to respond to the health needs of the population and to weather a crisis of exceptional scale and duration.

All French hospital staff would like to continue the auction in the presence of professionals. Profits from the auction of the 2020 charity bucket will be used to make special coronavirus-related grants to hospital patients severely affected by the health crisis and to the children of deceased agents.