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May 30, 2022 View:

160th Annual Wine Auction to Benefit the Poor at Bourne

The 160th Annual Bourne Home for the Poor Wine Charity Auction was successfully held on Sunday, December 13 in the town of Bourne.

Image courtesy of: Brew Search Guide

This auction can be described as a series of twists and turns. The date was originally scheduled for November 15, but it was reported by the relevant authorities for not meeting the health requirements for epidemic prevention, and was forced to postpone it to December 13.

The auction takes place at 2pm local time at the Grande Halle Hotel in Bourne. Staff and guests attending the auction are required to adhere to strict health and safety protocols, including wearing masks at all times and maintaining a social distance. There are also strict limits on the number of people attending.

According to Christie"s (Christies) website, there were 640 lots this year. The auction's final total of €14,346,322 represents a decrease of approximately 0.75% compared to the 2019 total.

But this year's Pice des Prsidents was a very special one, a Grand Cru Clos de la Roche Grand Cru, named "Unforgettable 2020" by Ludivine Griveau, the first female vineyard manager and winemaker at the Bernese Home for the Poor. The special presidential barrel was auctioned off by a Chinese buyer for 660,000 euros, while the buyer who won the presidential barrel last year added an additional donation of 120,000 euros, resulting in a final sale of 780,000 euros! The final price was 780,000 Euros! That's about 6.22 million RMB, which is 3 times the price of last year's sale (last year's sale price was about 2 million RMB), another new high!

The proceeds from the charity auction of the presidential barrel will be donated to the association representing French medical professionals.

La Fdration Hospitalire de France (F.H.F.)

Le Comit de Gestion des OEuvres Sociales des tablissements hospitaliers publics (C.G.O.S.)

These auction proceeds will be used to support hospital staff and their families who have suffered serious health effects in the fight against the outbreak.