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May 30, 2022 View:

101-year-old man tapped as online spokesperson for wine brand

I'm happy, I didn't expect it myself, I'm happy now. 101-year-old Mariya celebrates having landed a job. She was asked to become the online spokesperson for a wine brand after posting her resume on the Internet.

Image from: South American Diaspora News Network

The elderly woman asked her great-grandson to help her deliver her resume to a slaughterhouse in the city because she wanted to earn her own money to buy wine and beef. The old man lives in the city of PROMISSAO, in the state of São Paulo. The family thought it was funny and gave the old man"s resume to the employees of the plant, and the incident was reposted on the Internet and attracted a lot of attention.

This is 101-year-old Marija, who was brave enough to have her granddaughter hand in her resume because she wanted to work and didn't want to rely on others to buy her alcohol, said Julianna, an analyst in the company's human resources department. This is our role model.

This event caused a stir on the internet and the old man became popular. A month later, the old man received an invitation from a winery to be an advertising spokesperson and online influencer.

Great-granddaughter Pamela says the head of the wine brand fell in love with great-grandmother Maria and signed an agreement with her. Now the family is going to videotape the old man's wine tasting and upload it to the Internet.

We signed a great contract, but we need to keep it a secret for that. The important thing is that she is now happy and can drink wine. Pamela said.

María's first job was announced on the web last Wednesday, when she appeared as a new web influencer. In the comments, the wine company claims she has extensive wine tasting experience.

The owner of the wine company said he speaks with the elderly once a week and feels like he has an extra grandmother. He said the company also invited Mariya to participate in the commercial to celebrate Women's Day.

There is no better fit than to hire Maria, the best representative of women who think differently, work for what they want and, despite her 101 years, want to work independently on their own and don't want to depend on others. The business owner said.

The business owner said that if Malia liked their product, the company would negotiate a monthly salary with her for the senior to be a regular spokesperson for them. The purpose is for the seniors to introduce their products on the internet.

Since becoming popular on the Internet, the old man has been receiving gifts, some of them sending her wine and others sending her web pages. The great-granddaughter says Mariya is happy about being popular on the Internet. I'm happy because they gave me value. I was so moved that I wanted to cry. The old man said.